Interior Trends for 2023

Interior Trends for 2023

Looking for design inspiration for the new year? We’ve rounded up some of the top interior trends coming in 2023.

Art Deco

What was old is now new again and 100 years after art deco first came onto the scene, the trend has come full circle. Art Deco style is back in a big way, with many design elements of the era being seen in different variations. Colourful pastels, angular geometry and decadent details will be popular in both furniture and soft furnishings.

Wellness at Home

With a return to normal life for many, there has inevitably been more stress and noise building outside of the home. To combat this, there is an upwards trend of people turning parts of their homes into sanctuaries. Everything from in-house spa facilities, wellness rooms, home gyms and infrared saunas – making your home feel like a day spa will be a huge trend for 2023.

Bold Colours

While minimalism has been a popular trend for years, on the opposite end of the spectrum 80’s maximalism is making a comeback in a big way. Bold, bright colours, graphic patterns, and geometric shapes are tipped to be popular in interiors in 2023.


Texture has always played a big part in interior design, but recent trends are using textures layered upon each other to create dimension and interest in a space. Placing a bouclé chair next to a marble plinth, with a chunky woollen rug and timber floors is a chic and simple way to use different textures in your home.

Indoor Outdoor

Bringing the outdoors in has been a popular trend over recent years as more people blur the lines between inside and outside. Indoor plants, oversized windows with garden views, and plenty of natural light are simple ways to bring the outdoors in. Alfresco living and dining spaces that flow naturally from the inside are also perfect for creating that indoor-outdoor feel.

Whatever trends you choose to adopt in the new year, remember to enjoy your space and make it your own. There is no right or wrong when it comes to interior design.

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