The Pros and Cons of Building and Living in a Townhome

The Pros and Cons of Building and Living in a Townhome

Trying to decide whether a townhome is right for you? Building and living in a townhome can come with many plus sides such as turnkey packages, smart designs, and low maintenance, however, as with anything there will be some cons to townhome living. Here we dive into the pros and cons of building and living in a townhome.


  • Low maintenance – Townhomes are known for having the low-maintenance lifestyle of an apartment with the extra space of a home. Townhomes are perfect for first-home buyers, investors, and downsizers.
  • Turnkey packages – Most newly built Townhomes come as complete turnkey packages, with everything included in the price, all that you need to do is move in!
  • Convenient location – Townhomes are built with convenience in mind, often located within walking distance to shops, transport and other amenities. Making them an ideal housing choice for those wanting to be close to everything.


  • Limited yard and outdoor space – Townhomes’ compact footprint can also work against them, limiting the yard and outdoor space available. Families with children and pets might prefer a house with a full backyard and alfresco.
  • Lack of design flexibility – Unfortunately, townhome designs are often limited, with little to no flexibility in floorplans or colour schemes. While this can be a big drawcard for many as it streamlines the design and building process, other buyers might be looking for a fully customisable design.
  • Shared spaces – Although many newly built townhomes are fully self-contained with their own outdoor space, living in a townhome means that you will be sharing a wall or possibly a driveway with at least one of your neighbours.

Whatever you choose, townhome living comes with many pros and can be a convenient, low-maintenance lifestyle for families, first home buyers, and downsizers alike.

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